Our Team

Thanks to a passionate, hard-hitting and close-knit team, we have bet on having services as competent as possible in order to meet the needs of the day in various technical and IT fields. Our IT departments by site cover several axes.

- Wiring and Telecoms:
A department specializing in logic and electrical wiring solutions, VSAT solutions, access control solutions, video surveillance and Datacenter room security.

- Collaboration and Telecoms: A department specializing in the design and implementation of collaboration solutions with manufacturers such as CISCO and its third-party APIs, secure interconnection solutions for sites, cities, agencies by private radio links .

- Networks and Data Center: A department specializing in the design and implementation of Backbones, networks for Datacenters, networks for storage, traffic security solutions at all network layers, storage solutions - virtualization and backup.

- Alternative energy solution: Department specializing in solutions allowing companies to overcome electrical energy problems in order to make their environment and their Datacenter rooms available in energy at 99.99%.

- Project management and Training: A department specializing in auditing IT environments, assistance in setting up specifications, responding to calls for tenders, management and monitoring of IT projects and on-site, online training and off-site thanks to our various partners specialized in the training of IT resources and project management.

- Marketing and Opportunity: A department specializing in creating and improving opportunities for AFRITEC, managing customers and customer satisfaction, selling in-stock and out-of-stock equipment.